Please talk to me about it!!
  1. Danny is becoming more and more problematic
  2. I feel like Mindy is depressed/losing herself
  3. It's like all his little quirks have just become these huge issues in their relationship
  4. Mindy is trying so hard to love him for his flaws
  5. And she's compromising everything just to please him and avoid conflict
  6. Meanwhile he couldn't give two fucks about her needs or ambitions
  7. He acts like he's this family man yet he can't even see that his wife is suffering right in front of his dumb face
  8. I worry it's gonna take losing Mindy and Leo for him to realize how wrong he is
  9. Or that he's gonna try to take Leo from Mindy
  10. That's pretty heavy, so hopefully they won't go there
  11. Also the wedding planning
  12. Because I worry it may never even happen at this point
  13. The mention of another baby
  14. And Mindy clearly feeling pressured and overwhelmed by it
  15. Annette's presence also just stresses me out
  16. The developing friendship/weird (sexual?) tension between Jody and Mindy
  17. The fact that the Tamra/Collette dynamic is gonna end soon
  18. Jeremy
  19. Morgan's wound
  20. I fully expect a cliffhanger in the mid season finale next week 😩