I owe this show everything
  1. I had a terrible day today, probably the worst day I've had this entire year
  2. I locked myself in the bathroom for 3 hours and had a complete and total meltdown
  3. I honestly wasn't sure if I would come out of that bathroom
  4. But when I finally gathered myself enough to come out, I did the one thing I knew would cheer me up
  5. I put on an episode of the Office
  6. It was "Beach Games," which is one of my all-time favorites, cause I just love how Pam is so done with everyone's shit
  7. Despite the fact that Michael tells her she's not "gutsy" enough to walk over the coals, she fucking does it anyway
  8. And the moment when she runs over and says to Michael "you couldn't even do that...maybe I should be your boss" like fuck yes girl
  9. Then she just speaks her damn mind and tells Jim how she feels
  10. She does exactly what I needed to do today instead of locking myself in the bathroom
  11. And it makes me feel like I could too
  12. That's what the Office does, it allows you to connect with these characters and their flaws and then it gives them these moments of victory and that, in turn, gives you these moments of hope and its just this beautiful cycle
  13. Then, at the end there's the scene where they're all on the bus back to Dunder Mifflin and they're singing the Flintstones theme song and at the end, Michael screams, "Wilmaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" perfectly
  14. I laughed so fucking hard at that
  15. So in conclusion, if you ever feel like you're drowning and nothing could pull you back up, I assure you that this show can
  16. If you feel like you can't count on anyone in your own life, I promise you can count on these characters
  17. If you feel like crying, just put on an episode of the Office and laugh until you do