The times when I should have thought "ok, I'm officially an adult" but didn't and the one time it did
  1. When I graduated from high school - I'm 18. Not an adult.
  2. When I graduated from college - I have a degree. I'm 22. Not an adult.
  3. I'm engaged and in grad school, living with my fiancée. I'm 23. Not an adult.
  4. I have a masters, I'm married and moving From Cleveland to Baton Rouge. I'm 24. not an adult.
  5. I've been working as a teacher for 3 years. We have bought our first home and I have a little boy. I'm 27 Not an adult.
  6. Baby number two comes 13 months later and we pack up and move back to Cleveland and into our second home. I'm 28. Not an adult
  7. I've been married and teaching 12 years. Throughout it all despite time and accomplishment I still don't think my youth was so far away... Then- For the last 11 months my mom has battled cancer. She passes away. I'm crushed. I'm 36 I'm an adult.