A list of odds and ends
  1. Momma of two little people who happen to be 13 months apart.
  2. Have lived in Hawaii and Louisiana and loved both - but there's no place like home- Cleveland!
  3. Teaching is my super power
  4. Book lover- love to read them, buy them, check out from library, hang in bookstore, library, look at them, stack them, share them, talk about them, even name my kids after them
  5. always plan to have a dog - they make life better
  6. Sports fanatic
  7. Decent cook - my son thinks I should have my own restaurant - my daughter doesn't like anything I make - the truth lies somewhere in between
  8. Happily married almost 15 years... my advice for a happy marriage- marry your best friend
  9. Lover of jigsaw puzzles
  10. Yogi (of sorts)
  11. Want to spend my life both enjoying the beauty this life has to offer (the people, the places, the books, the food) but also make it more beautiful!!!!