It's possible I'm a rom com heroine
  1. Aug 2015: bike accident on LA sidewalk. Sprained wrist.
  2. Feb 2015: fell downstairs in DC while carrying tea because I was miserably sick. Bruised elbow.
  3. Dec 2014: fell down my apt stairs while carrying bike indoors to get it out of the rain. Sprained ankle. Still went to Magic Castle. Woke up in the middle of the night unable to walk.
  4. Sept 2010: fell while exiting a roller skating rink. Bruised tailbone.
  5. Dec 2010: fell while trying to go downhill on cross country skis having no idea how to cross country ski. Bruised tailbone.
  6. April 1995: rolled ankle on uneven pavement the day before I was supposed to run the 880 relay in the Junior Olympics. Sprained ankle. My team came in second place. I took up painting for 6 weeks.
  7. Current: fall from grace. Bruised ego.