1. The guy next to me dripped sweat onto my mat. And then onto my bare arms.
  2. I could feel the guy next to me breathe his hot breath on the back of my neck. And on my hands while I was in bound side angle
  3. The other guy next to me accidentally grazed my ass while coming out of a wide legged forward fold. He apologized but this does not erase it.
  4. My brand new mat smelled like rubber. So bad that during every chaturanga I couldn't breathe
  5. Someone left their cell phone on and the whistle notification sounded appx every ten mins. The teacher kept making jokes that this was sexual harassment. Which was not funny the first time and definitely not the seventh time.
  6. I nearly slipped on the sweaty hardwood floor after the sweaty guy next to me left during savasana. As in, the soles of my bare feet mopped up someone else's sweat.
  7. 25 people were crammed into a room smaller than my bedroom and no windows were ever opened. And someone farted.