In the spirit of halloween... Spooky things about the south neighbors capital. Muahahaha
  1. First scary thing...
    How fat you will get from eating all the delicious food this city has to offer!! tacos after the club at 5am? I would love a quesadilla with those !! 🌯🌮
  2. Secondly...this might make you scream with fear...warning
    How fast you'll start speaking spanish!! Mexican people are not shy! They will make every effort they can to speak with you. Your spanish will get so good Donald Trump might want to deport you!!
  3. Thirdly you might get mugged.
    This is true, I mean its a big city people just watch your stuff and you'll be fine. I once saw someone getting mugged in Downtown Viena, one of the safest cities in the world
  4. drivers will wanna know your name...
    I mean they will want to become your new best friends, you will end up knowing the name of their kids, where they go to school and why you can't leave your ex boyfriend alone.
  5. And last because I'm tired
    You'll find out why mexican people drink so much! They have the best hangover food so tasty so near anyones house, good bless salsa roja and salsa verde