About a month or so I started binge- watching it. Here are my thoughts for today.
  1. Melissa McCarthy has always been AMAZING
    Though Sookie can get to be a little annoying
  2. Can't believe Rory Gilmore grew up to marry Pete Campbell from Mad Men
    The eyes on their kids, are gonna be insane!
  3. No iPhones yet!
    Dating used to be much much simpler
  4. 👯
  5. 2000's hair fashion was awfull!!
  6. Did the guy playing Max did anything else?? Ever again?
    I feel like I've seen him somewhere!
  7. OMG yess! He was on the Carrie Diaries!!!
    He played Harlan!! A friend of Carries father!
  8. Jess is so fit is insane, minus those jeans...jezz
  9. They must spend a fortune on takeout
    Chinese, pizza, burgers
  10. Man now I want a burger with fries and a milkshake