Lived there for 6 months, most delicious place on earth
  1. Cioccolatitaliani...look it up this place is where dreams are made of
  2. Ordering a "Latte" in Italy means paying for the most expensive glass of Milk of your life
  3. Food is everything as it was meant to be in the beginning of times
  4. It does not matter how hard you try, even if you are both wearing the same outfit Italian people will always ALWAYS look more stylish than you.
  5. Speaking french and spanish will help you pretend speaking italian with the aid of some hand gestures.
  6. Old ladies rock the old school Nikes better than Kanye
  7. During fashion week you can make "Spotting models" a drinking game. ( I assure you will get you wasted)
  8. Models are not like us, seen them in the flesh makes you feel better about yourself because you realise they are like aliens walking the earth
  9. Family means everything
  10. You can find families with small children having a good time at 1am