I'm a genius

I spent a summer in France eating pasta with salt and butter. Of those, nowadays, I'm limited to just salt These are my vegan culinary masterpieces
  1. ~Banana Bread~
    The finest
  2. Baguettes!
    Incredibly simple recipe! There's still a lot more I should've done differently like how long I let the dough prove but it was all still v good! Once I get a few new toys expect croissants!
  3. Butternut squash pie!
    Pie is actually super fun to make! I made blueberry pie the night before to see how well the crust recipe I chose handled but never got a picture of it unfortunately - my friend also said that I couldn't make pies in cast irons before I ever tried so ha! I'd say taste this but I finished both pies in one sitting
  4. My dinners in France
    I didn't know how to cook so this was often the best thing I could put together. If not this then it was pasta with butter and salt. I wouldn't be hungry after (I'd have a whole baguette after all), but it's interesting to think of how I'd eat there vs here before knowing how to cook.