I actually write these up so I can actually debate them, sometimes
  1. You are Santa Claus. This year, more people than expected have been naughty and the price of coal has gone up. As a result, you are in a deficit. Opp choice, do you A: Cancel Christmas, or B cut the salaries of the elves
    Info: Santa is a creature that feeds off the energy of people's belief in his existence. The world is also such that this belief is only relevant to kids 12 and under. Communist literature has also been floating around amongst the elves
  2. You are the largest blanket manufacturer in the world, and have a monopoly on the market at the moment. Opp choice, do you A: make blankets small enough that customers need 2 to cover themselves + feet, or B: make them long
  3. You are Donald Trump in a meeting with Vladimir Putin. This house believes that you should wrestle (or grab by the pussy) Putin in order to demonstrate dominance
    Caveat: D Trump has been working out rly hrd chances are 50/50
  4. You are Donald Trump in a meeting w the pres of Taiwan. He asks you what country he's from. Opp choice, do you A: say Taiwan, or B: China
  5. We, as the people of Camelot reject the system of government where officials are chosen via a lady-in-the-lake