seriously under-appreciated drummers. why don't we talk about them more?
  1. joey baron (needs to be seen to be believed)
  2. paul thompson (roxy music's secret weapon)
  3. jody stephens (most tasteful fills ever)
  4. phil collins (some of us believe he should have stayed behind the kit)
  5. richie ramone (poor guy - most powerful drummer band ever had)
  6. janet weiss (a force of nature; the best part of any band she's in)
  7. steve shelley (created a firmament for s.y.'s sonic maelstrom)
  8. sara lund (anybody lucky enough to see unwound in the 90's will understand)
  9. brent mclachlan (gordons/bailter space need more love, drummer was key to unique trio dynamic)
  10. yoshimi p-we (bedrock of boredoms)
  11. robert wyatt (ex-drummer too soon; soft machine's propulsive optimist)
  12. topper headon (most accomplished musician in the clash)