1. Homebrew
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    An ode to our history 😃
  2. Pro
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    A less cool alternative to Homebrew
  3. Silver Aerogel
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    Transparent windows are surprisingly handy
  4. Red Sands
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    Most useful for running unit tests prior to deployment
  5. Novel
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    Kind of feels like I'm reading on the kindle app
  6. Solid Colors
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    A grab bag. Different every time. Ranges from "no thank you" to "meh."
  7. Grass
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    I mean, if someone had a grass colored terminal open and wanted to pair, I guess I wouldn't refuse outright.
  8. Ocean
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    Too bright. Who thought white text on a cerulean background was a good plan?
  9. Basic
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    Didn't we collectively decide years ago that black text on a white background is not pleasant on screens? Why is this the default?
  10. Man Page
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    I can't with this