Nicknames I give to my cat

His name is Fitzwhiskers Darcy. Fitz to his friends. He has three legs and a lot of ❤️❤️❤️
  1. Prime Minister Giganto
    He's too big for his cat condo
  2. Fuzzface Loveyboy
  3. The Dark Lord
  4. Captain Grumpypants
  5. Mr Spoony McGubbins
    Terrible pic of me. But he's a devout little spoon and it's the best
  6. Chin Scratchertons
  7. Kitty Camouflage
    Grey on grey on grey
  8. Captain Kitty Burrito
  9. Senator Stumpington
  10. Little Nubby
  11. His Honor the Purr-meister General
  12. Sweetie kiss lovey face
  13. Cuddlefuzz
  14. My handsome little man
  15. Frizzy cheeks
  16. Theon Greyboy
  17. The Town Cryer
  18. Fitzy-witzy
  19. My pathetic little luvvins
  20. My little whiner
  21. Cutie Three Paws
  22. Tiny Twitchy Bottom