1. Last year someone got their throat slit at Simone's
  2. There was a drive by shooting right in front of my apartment in mid December.
  3. 6 weeks ago someone got stabbed in the head and killed at my laundromat
  4. 5 weeks ago a girl got shot in the head in her car a block from my apartment
  5. 3 weeks ago someone spray painted White Lives Matter on the Damen Pink Line station
  6. A day after that someone changed it to say White Don't Lives Don't Matter
  7. The number of shootings steadily escalated during the first half of the year. Despite the cold weather, which is unusual.
  8. Children run around screaming at all times of the night
  9. The pink line feels super isolated
  10. I really didn't like being part of the gentrifying force destroying the neighborhood
  11. When I moved in my 6 flat building was all families with at least 2 kids.
  12. When I left it was entirely mid 20s white people
  13. It's easy to walk in and say "Ooohhhh affordable housing"
  14. But when you see the neighborhood hemorrhage working families it's kind of terrifying