1. Reinforces a gender binary
  2. People assume I will "end up" gay or straight
  3. Calling myself "half gay" is more fun
  4. I felt edgier when I identified as a lesbian
  5. Couples approach me as a unit on dating sites
  6. Threesomes are more work than you imagine
  7. Some guys get creepy when you tell them you're bi
  8. Feels like more of a failure when I'm single since my dating pool is theoretically bigger
  9. Many lesbians assume I will leave them for a man
  10. Many straight men assume I will leave them for a woman
  11. It's really easy and convenient to pass as straight
  12. I'm amBIvalent to the term
  13. I've only actually been with men so I feel like I'd be deemed a fraud/people would think I was just trying to be ~trendy~
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  14. Not only are there people who believe bisexuality is not real, but there are also those who actually hate bisexuals to the point that just hearing the word angers them
    And that hate comes from both the straight side and the LGTQ side. So if you can't fit into any community without receiving backlash for simply being who you are... What then?
    Suggested by @dondrapurr