Flying to my first ever PyCon. It's in Portland this year. This will be the first of several travel and/or programming related lists. Here are some observations about how air travel had changed since my youth
  1. You didn't have to pay for checked bagfage
  2. There were little phones in the seat
    Next to your tray table. You could make very expensive in flight phone calls. They had credit card readers in them.
  3. Safety presentations used to be a whole production
    Not just a perfunctory mention of the "safety cards"
  4. You had to wait until 20 minutes into the flight to use any electronics
    The wait to pull out my Gameboy and Walkman were excruciating
  5. Cell phones had to be turned off, even when they were in airplane mode
  6. There used to be complimentary snacks
  7. Airports used to have metal detectors instead of those creepy naked X-ray machines
  8. You didn't used to have to take off your shoes
  9. They used to give you tiny scratchy blankets on cold flights
  10. Sometimes they even gave you tiny stiff pillows for sleeping
  11. I know I was a lot smaller back then, but it feels like airplane bathrooms used to be bigger?
  12. Also, not quite an observation of then vs now, but why do airplane bathrooms still have ashtrays?