Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I'm not usually much of a rule breaker
  2. At least, not in a way that gets me caught
  3. I like order, structue
  4. An affinity for arbitrary rules makes me a natural programmer
  5. But I worked for my friend's mom for a summer
  6. A woman who had an uncanny ability to use my name as verbal punctuation
  7. Indicating disappointment (anger)
  8. She made skincare products in her basement
  9. I did social media and helped manufacture the goods
  10. But there was a door she told me never to open
  11. I stared at it every day as I mixed the orange and coconut essential oils into the finely granulated sugar
  12. (An exfoliant that doubles as a delicious spread on buttered toast)
  13. And my curiosity won out over my desire to please
  14. I figured that it wouldn't be too bad if I just snuck a peek
  15. The door was unlocked
  16. And it was just an empty room
  17. With a single incandescent lightbulb
  18. Concrete unfinished walls
  19. Dusty tile flooring
  20. The lightbulb was on a cord
  21. Swaying slightly
  22. So the shadow from the lightbulb swayed drunkenly around the room
  23. And my boss's squeaky, hypoallergenic bichon frise tottered into the room
  24. His tongue lolling out the way it always did
  25. And he sniffed at the dust on the tile floor
  26. When the lighbulb's shadow danced over him
  27. He yelped like someone had stepped on his paw
  28. And when the shadow passed over where he had been
  29. He wasn't there anymore
  30. Just gone
  31. And the foundation of the house groaned a little bit
  32. Settling in
  33. I closed the door
  34. Grabbed my coat
  35. Walked calmly out of the house
  36. Then sped out of the driveway
  37. I never spoke to my boss or her son again
  38. Even though he was one of my best friends
  39. Even when she left countless voicemails on my phone
  40. "Where are you, Jess?"
  41. "Where is Frankie?"
  42. "Jess, what did you do?"