Things I'm trying to get better about

  1. Not referring to large groups of people as guys or dudes
  2. Not using "dude" or "man" as an interjection
    Esp when talking with my trans* friends
  3. Not using the word bitch. Or bitchy
  4. Not saying "man up" to encourage strength and competence
  5. Listening to people when they tell me I fucked up
  6. Not spending so much time on Facebook
  7. Doing something about the things that make me angry instead of stewing in my anger
  8. Not being a hermit when I feel depressed and lonely
  9. Not saying yes to every social invite out of fear that my friends will hate me if I say no
  10. Stopping after just one drink. Or five.
  11. Not saying I'm sorry for other people's mistakes
  12. Cutting out toxic relationships
  13. Fostering the relationships I feel slipping away
  14. Not labeling other people's pain as "drama"
  15. Not letting petty bullshit get me down