1. I should put more money in savings
  2. Am I doing enough to make my cat feel loved?
  3. How effective is my birth control, really?
  4. Is my voice super annoying? I feel like it probably is.
  5. How long would I be able to function if I were lost and my phone went out of battery?
  6. Is my face doing the appropriate emotional expression for this situation?
  7. When will my boss figure out I have no idea what I'm doing?
  8. When will my friends decide they don't like me anymore?
  9. If I say no to this casual social invite will they disinvite me from all future events?
  10. What am I going to do if someone invites me to a wedding and asks me to bring a +1?
  11. Does taking a 30 minute shower make me a bad person? There are droughts other places and I'm pretty sure I'm not grateful enough.
  12. What will I do if my cat's cancer comes back?
  13. What will I do if I get cancer?
  14. Is it street cleaning where I parked my car? I really don't want another ticket.
  15. Did I remember to lock my door when I left this morning?
  16. How common are apartment fires in this area of town?
  17. What the hell am I going to do for dinner?