1. Are you ready?
  2. Stop using scraps of paper and receipts to mark your place
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    Be honest. This doesn't make you feel good about opening up that book.
  3. Use real bookmarks in your books!
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    Doesn't that look so much nicer?
  4. They're much less likely to fall out and make you lose your place
  5. They're not flimsy and hard to find when they aren't poking out of the top
  6. Most independent bookstores give them out for free!
    As if you needed another reason to visit your local indie bookseller
  7. They act as a nice travel log for all the bookstores you've visited
    Especially the ones that might not exist anymore
  8. It gives you a new category of things to collect
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  9. BONUS: using nice bookmarks makes you feel Fancy AF
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