1. Both disciplines require you to get comfortable with powers of two
  2. Manual dexterity is highly prized in both music and programming
  3. They're both skills that require dedicated practice that's easy to dismiss as talent or prodigy.
  4. Theoretically sound classical composition feels a lot like programming
    My completely unscientific supposition is that these two things work on the same area of the brain.
  5. Programmers and musicians are both obsessed with the cross section of science and art.
  6. Programming is a skill set that lends itself well to playing around with music digitally.
  7. They're both skills that are susceptible to rusting.
  8. Both the programming and the musical communities are prone to insular, cliquish behavior. The culture feels familiar going from one to the other.
  9. People who study music eventually need to find a skill to pay the bills