1. My devops guy wanted to make sure that people showed up to his Vagrant/Docker class
  2. Also, someone mistakenly gave him 22 Bitcoins about a year ago and he made a tidy profit this week
  3. So he brought the following as a bribe/celebration
  4. Three bottles of this
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  5. Two bottles of this
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  6. One bottle of this
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  7. One block of Casablanca cheese
  8. One block of Old Quebec 7 year cheddar
  9. One Raspberry BellaVitano wedge
  10. A large hunk of delice de Bourgogne triple cream
  11. A small wheel of Brie
  12. A wedge of Spanish 12 month manchego
  13. Holy cheese plate, Batman!
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  14. Conclusions:
  15. My devops guy is crazy
  16. Wine and cheese is the best
  17. We should have more classes at work