My Weekly List of Curiosities
  1. Snake holes
    Because there is one outside my house!
  2. Wooden staff, Morgan, The Walking Dead
    I need one to fight off the snake in the snake hole outside my house. Also to smash coyote heads in the woods. And zombies.
  3. Mystery Show podcast
    Loving it! Especially episode 3 about the belt buckle.
  4. Apple cider vinegar health benefits
    And how to make it taste better. Blech!
  5. Elizabeth George new book
    Not out yet. End of the month.
  6. Provincetown Dance Festival
    Next weekend.
  7. Elderberry syrup
    Trying to stay healthy.
  8. Riviera Nayarit
    Maybe next year's winter vacation?
  9. State Dept warnings in Mexico
    Except not so safe.
  10. Low white blood cell count
    Not much can be done about it. No magic food makes more white blood cells.
  11. Blistered shishito peppers
    For the menu next week when the Mr. is in Austin.
  12. Edward Gorey House
    It's in Yarmouth. I visited once, need to go again. Especially at Halloween.
  13. VetX
    Vet help app 24/7. On weekends, closest is Eastham for us.
  14. Hearthside scent, Yankee Candle
    Burning my last bit of my last one. Found one on eBay for $225!!!
  15. Hygge
    Danish way of life and just perfect for our offseason here in Provincetown.
  16. Ghost Boat, Medium
    FASCINATING reporting!
  17. Tumi carry on luggage
    I need a new smaller carry on.
  18. Calvados
    No idea what it is. Turns out it's just apple brandy.
  19. Dog seat belts
    Stephen needs the best and I found the best at Sleepypod.
  20. Tiki Farm cocktail glasses
    Cause I need cool tiki glasses.