My Weekly List of Curiosities
  1. Snow shoes, balaclavas, and headlamps
    Things I would never consider when we lived in Boston but now seem like essential gear here in Provincetown.
  2. The Archers
    I read about this BBC radio show in a tweet. Never heard of it. But it's been around since the 50s.
  3. Montauk daisies
    These are blooming all over town! I had no idea there were fall flowers as pretty as these.
  4. Milkweed
    Stephen and I found some on our morning walk. I was curious what it looked like in the summer.
  5. Candle tunneling
    Did you know that you should make sure the first time you burn a candle it should melt the wax all the way across before you blow it out? Otherwise, every time you light it it will only melt as far as the first burn -- which is known as candle tunneling.
  6. Welcome to Night Vale podcast
    "It’s a fictional, scripted podcast that takes the form of community radio from a weird desert town where every conspiracy theory is true."
  7. Center for Coastal Studies volunteer opportunities
    I've always wanted to be a part of this whale-saving organization. And back when I had a job that I disliked I'd whine every day: "I just want to save the whales." So I'm going to.
  8. St. Lucia
    Looking for our next adventure. And by "adventure" I mean all-inclusive with a big pool and wait service so we can sit on our asses.
  9. Tommy Bahama Happy Hibiscus collection
    The saffron version. Swoon.
  10. PopSugar Reading Challenge
    I missed out on the 2015 version. Hoping to jump on with the 2016 list! (Not out yet, BTW.)
  11. Hallmark Christmas movies
    Starts November 1! And there are 17 new movies this year!
  12. JetBag
    Finally a worry-free solution to worrying if that rum will break in my luggage because we couldn't find a direct flight home. If it does, this bag will keep the liquid from ruining your caftans. Brilliant!
  13. Winterizing succulents
    Turns out there is a process for triggering dormancy -- less water and cooler weather. 40 degrees and inside them come.
  14. Norwegian flights to Caribbean
    New weekly flights to Guadeloupe and Martinique from Boston!
  15. ClubMed in Guadeloupe and Martinique
    See above.
  16. "NPR voice"
    Pregnant pauses and off-kilter pronunciations.
  17. Vivian Apple books
    YA books about the Apocalypse. Downloaded!
  18. Katie Coyle
    The author of the Vivian Apple books. Her tumblr has turned me into a fangirl.
  19. What's Open, Provincetown?. com
    Cause every closed sign is like a dagger to the heart.
  20. Cashew smoothies
    I saw on Dan Harris' list that he drinks one before anchoring GMA. We're the same age and he seems cool, so why not?