My Weekly List of Curiosities
    The Mr and I spent half of our honeymoon in Mallorca (the other half in Rome.) This week I watched an episode of HHI set in Palma de Mallorca and read a blog post about a stay in Pollenca. This lead me to look for villa rentals and this web site is filled with options. We shall return!
  2. Pineapple pool float
    I have two flamingo floats, a palm tree, giant zebra, and a blue monkey. But I do not have a pineapple. Which I clearly NEED!
  3. Hellfire bitters
    These were in a new to me cocktail called a Fireside. All the smoky taste without the sassy kick. Me gusta.
  4. app
    This is one of the few tools out there that has really changed my life. And now they have an app where you can cull through your daily rollup!
  5. Pineapplefish Properties
    Villas available on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Someplace I never considered for vacation but these places are quite tempting.
  6. Mint tote bags
    A few years ago, I started putting an advent grab bag together for my niece. 24 small gifts to open starting December 1 and ending at Christmas. I collect things all year and then find a useful container to put them in. This year it's a tote bag in her favorite color.
  7. The Holiday Collective
    A "pop-up blog" written by 25 bloggers! Fun!
  8. Christmas crackers
    Started the painful search for cool crackers with cool stuff inside. Fruitless endeavor.
  9. Orange and white berries
    Still searching for the name of the plant by our mailbox that has orange and white berries. To be continued ...
  10. Saunas, Provincetown
    I'm going to need one this winter.
  11. WOMR, Lady Di shows
    Every Friday from 5-7, Outermost Radio, our local radio station has a show called Leggs Up and Dancing, hosted by Lady Di. Turns out we don't have a radio in the house so I had to figure out how to listen to it online.
  12. Master of None, Netflix
    Everyone on Twitter was raving about it. I watched the first two episodes. Kinda lukewarm about it.
  13. TBEX cruise, man overboard
    Did you see the VIDEO that ABC News put up that shows the man falling overboard? On a cruise ship filled with TRAVEL BLOGGERS. Horrible. Yet one more reason to stay away from cruises.
  14. Meaning of a tsunami in your dreams
    I had a terrifying nightmare where Stephen and I were trying to climb to the highest place we could find to survive a tsunami. I couldn't find or call/text any of my family members. Turns out this is what the dream signifies: "According to Carl Jung ... it is one of those great “archetypal” dreams, meaning symbols which are universal across all cultures. A tsunami is supposed to be a symbol of some great spiritual change, the washing away of the old and the beginnings of new growth."
  15. Walking poles
    Yes, this again. I'm serious about wanting some sort of defense against the coy wolves in our forests. The Mr. suggested pepper spray. I'd feel better if I had something that I could use physically.
  16. Fika
    Swedish tradition of drinking coffee
  17. Greige
    Again, a little late to the party on this. That grey beige color all over Pinterest.
  18. Heather Rose Walters, #AvaCouliseandTheTimepieces
    Unique storytelling method on Instagram. You can also see all of it on her website:
  19. Hunting safety vest for dogs
    Did you know people are allowed to hunt in the Cape Cod National Seashore? A dog was shot and killed a few years ago. Just to be safe, Stephen is getting an orange safety vest.
  20. Cape Cod field guides for native plants
    There are so many interesting plants here and I have no idea what they are.