My Weekly List of Curiosities
  1. Happy Lemon SALTED CHEESE drink
    WHAT????? What???? What. I still don't know but I will be running to the new Downtown Crossing location (dodging rats and gunshots) to try it next time I'm in Boston.
  2. Jaiya Tassel Beaded Sandal, Calypso St. Barth
    Swoon! These are the dreamiest resort sandals! I want. I want. I want.
  3. Target Christmas
    Time to refresh the Christmas balls. You really can't find better ornaments at this price. Also check out the Sugar Paper collection!
  4. Kukur Tihar
    In Nepal, dogs are celebrated on this holiday. They get flower garland, colorful paint on their foreheads and then are fed a huge feast. Adding to our calendar next year!
  5. Blue Talavers pottery
    I bought a cute blue and white vase in Mexico this past spring and now know the actual type of pottery it is.
  6. Spring equinox at Chichen Itza
    I read that there is a serpent shadow that appears along the stairway on one of the temples only around the spring equinox. Turns out we'll be there around that time. Kinda cool but seeing the video seems enough.
  7. Dog-friendly hotels in Boston
    We may need to spend some extended time in Boston. Having the dogs with us seems like the only solution. Found a few options in case we need them.
  8. Paper Towns
    I read The Fault in our Stars and really liked it. Googled this and decided to watch the movie. Meh.
  9. Banana vinegar
    This is real and is made from banana peels.
  10. Melanie Biehle mid-century modern holiday wrapping paper
    I "met" Melanie through our online blogging lives. She's become an amazing artist and just put together some fabulous holiday wrapping paper. Check it out here:
  11. Immaculate Baking Company
    I've heard their cinnamon rolls are delicious. Added to this week's grocery list.
  12. Rachel Fershleiser
    She's Tumblr's Director of Literary Outreach. And apparently a very good connector. Brooklyn Magazine published an interesting article on her.
  13. Missy Elliott's new video
  14. Apocalypto, streaming
    Why can't I find this??? See Chichen Itza.
  15. Kodak PixPro SP360
    So this camera gives you a 360 view ... meaning you are in the shot!
  16. The Keaton
    Diane has her own wine. And she likes to drink it with ICE! Yet another reason to love her.
  17. Savor, Rachel W. Cole
    Having subscribed to her Wisdom Notes for a Well-fed Holiday, I'm totally on board for her new holiday meditation series, Savor.
  18. "In the Skin of a Jihadist," Anna Erelle
    Timely book about how ISIS recruits our youth.
  19. Toruk, Cirque du Soleil
    I still love a good Cirque show. This one is coming to the area in December.
  20. Glenn saying "help!"
    Sigh, it wasn't him.