Winter starts in November around here and lasts until May. Or at least it usually does.
    This list is part of the planning. I also made a list that includes: buying top notch warm clothes, washing all my windows before the weather makes it any gloomier, gathering emergency supplies, getting a better coat and a jar of Musher's Secret for my dog so the snow balls don't stick to him, and buying snowshoes!
  2. Get outside
    This is where winter wins every time. I HATE the cold and I hate putting on all the stuff to go outside. But this year, I'm making myself get out there!
  3. Hygge the hell out of the season
    Cozy blankets, warm fires, twinkling lights, snuggly doggies, boozy warm drinks ... this is the part of winter where I excel.
  4. See more sunsets
    We are surrounded by water and the most amazing sunsets. We really need to make an effort to watch these!
  5. Location host Thanksgiving
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    DONE: Because of Life, we're having Thanksgiving at our house this year. But my sister is still doing all the cooking!
  6. Have a Family Christmas Tree trimming party
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    DONE: We've decorated our tree just the two of us for far too long. This year we're making it a party!
  7. Decorate my pink tree for Christmas
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    DONE: I BOUGHT A PINK TREE!!! And I decorated it with disco balls and pink lights.
  8. Try different biscuit recipes until I figure out my signature biscuit
    I've been making the Red Lobster mix ones. I think I can do better. Plus, we've been watching The Great British Baking Show and I am now an expert.
  9. See the lighting of the Monument and Lobster Pot tree
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    DONE: My town played Madonna's Holiday after lighting the monument. Fun, right?
  10. Learn to drink my coffee black
    I've eliminated sugar but am really working on the creamer. I know I'll be better off if I can accomplish this. But it's just so yucky.
  11. Become a trivia night regular
    We have three options in town. The Mr. is really good at it so I'll be riding his coattails. Working on an awesome team name.
  12. Attend the Provincetown Film Art Series
    Every other week, Waters Edge Cinema shows a film sponsored by the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.
  13. Enjoy everything about Holly Folly Weekend
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    DONE: Last year we were in Provincetown looking for a place to live during Holly Folly so we didn't get to do all the fun things. We're doing everything this time around!!
  14. Feed the birds at Beech Forest
    If you put bird seed in your hand, they'll land and have a little feast. They may have banned this activity. But if no one is looking ...
  15. Roast chestnuts over an open fire
    Because we have a fireplace!
  16. Watch all the new Hallmark Channel Holiday movies
    DONE: There are 17 of them. My eyes were starting to glaze. I liked Mayim Bailik's The Flight Before Christmas best.
  17. Host Christmas
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    DONE and EXHAUSTED: We've had Christmas at our house for many years now but this will be our first in Provincetown.
  18. Start the PopSugar Reading Challenge
    I missed out on the 2015 challenge and am really, really looking forward to the new one. List looks great! (Although ... I also saw Book Riot's list. That one is shorter. Hmmm ... )
  19. Eat our way through The Mews menu
    These angels stay open year round and their food is so, so good. We especially love their risotto, which must be made of pure cream and lard and butter and MAGIC.
  20. Do an off season family bar hop
    Every summer for the past 8 years, we've done a family bar hop. With tshirts. No reason we can't do one in the off season. With sweatshirts.
  21. Fix all my disco balls and display in one place
    I have a few misplaced mirror squares to affix and then we're in business!
  22. Do the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day
    It's not my first polar plunge and, really, when you live this close to the water, you have no excuse. Plus I have a COSTUME!
  23. Try snowshoeing
    If we even get half the snow we did last winter, we're going to need some sort of winter activity. So many open trails around here.
  24. Make stamped clay items
    I've had instructions for this pinned on my secret Secret Projects board for awhile now. It looks fairly easy. (She says now.)
  25. Make snow angels, a snowman, and mini snowmen.
    When in Rome.
  26. Hang all our artwork and get new stuff framed
    Always the very last -- as in like a year later -- thing to do after a move.
  27. Finish going through all the extra boxes
    We have carted some of these boxes with us through our last two moves. I'm tired of them. Ready to purge!
  28. Tie up loose ends
    No, that's not exactly how it sounds. You know all those boring and tedious projects you have all around you? Well, this is as good a time as any to finish all of those.
  29. Do the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge
    I've been saving this for a year. Winter seems like the right time to try it. (
  30. Attend gallery openings
    Even in the cold dark of January and February, this town still has gallery openings every week.
  31. Try watercolors
    I played around with some this summer but want to take an actual (online) class to learn how to do it for real. I also got a cute travel kit for Christmas.
  32. Read a Murakami book
    He intimidates me. So I'm taking him on.
  33. Knit or weave something
    Probably knit.
  34. Explore the winter beaches and pick up balloons
    Good stuff washes up on the beach in the winter. As well as the bad stuff. And lots of dead stuff, too. It's a treasure hunt.
  35. Plan out my outfits for our Mexico trip
    OK, fine. I already have the spreadsheet created and am basically done. But I will obsess over it until we leave in March.
  36. Learn to distinguish animal tracks
    I'm getting good at fox tracks. But coyotes and other furry animals, not so much. I also got a track identification book for Christmas.
  37. Work on training Stephen
    Three words: loose leash training. I'm tired of the Iditarod experience every time we leave the house. Note: I switched up his harness to an Easy Walk and it's going well.
  38. Publish blog posts or some sort of writing again
    I've had the writing itch lately but can't seem to find my groove. Lots to say.
  39. Take some culinary classes at Sage Inn
    Another year round angel. Sage hosts all sorts of activities for us year rounders.
  40. Take workshops at Provincetown Community Television
    So this would be a bit of a comfort zone stretch for me but I am totally fascinated with camera work.
  41. Do some daily stretching
    Somehow I ended up developing sciatica this fall. It sucks. Like really, really sucks.
  42. Take yoga classes
    See above.
  43. Clean out my closet
    It is packed to the gills. I seriously need to do some weeding this winter.
  44. Keep up my daily rituals
    So far, so good. See my list: daily rituals now that I live on Cape Cod.
  45. Make 5 things on my Foodstuffs and Drinkscapes Pinterest board
    Really, why am I pinning all these recipes?
  46. Jiffypop some Jiffy Pop
    I used to LOVE this! I grabbed some at the store and it's just waiting for the perfect night.
  47. Work on my super secret film project
    My dad took a ton of home videos when we were little and I've had this special little project on my mind for awhile. It's secret, though.
  48. Find a sauna and sauna like the Swedes
    For my health and wellbeing, of course.
  49. Read some Caroline Myss and try a training or two
    I'm mostly interested in her intuitive healing ideas. I saw her speak in NYC ages ago and totally found her mesmerizing. Even though I only understood about a third of what she was saying.
  50. Put my 1,000 piece puzzle together
    It's a Klimt. Yeah, that one.
  51. Work through "50 Ways Happier, Healthier, and More Successful People Live on Their Own Terms"