In January, my husband, our spaniel-dachshund, and I moved to Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod. Now that I work 100% remotely, I've developed a daily ritual routine that replaces the work-a-day routine I had in Boston.
  1. Health and immunity boosting
    SmartyPants vitamins (tastes like candy), lysine (I had shingles in my 30s -- supposed to help prevent a recurrence), vitamin D (for winter in the northeast), turmeric (fights everything), black elderberry syrup (immunity booster), apple cider vinegar (overall health but Good Lord! is it nasty!), at least one mug of hot green tea (antioxidants)
  2. Reading
    I try to read at least 20 pages a day of whatever my current book is (A Banquet of Consequences by Elizabeth George), a few poems by Mary Oliver (I'm working my way through all of her writing) + a chapter from one of my wellbeing books (currently: On My Swedish Island)
  3. Adventure walking with Stephen
    Our spaniel-dachshund mix, Stephen, gets 4 walks a day. At least one of those is an adventure walk where we explore the beaches and forests of Provincetown.
  4. Seeing the water
    Somehow, someway we see the water every day. It's easy to do here: the beach is 2 blocks away and we're surrounded by water on 3 sides.
  5. Elevate app exercises
    This app is supposed to keep your brain active as you age. I sure hope it's working. Some of the math exercises I just stare at and think: I used to be able to do this so easily. Now I'm just confused. In any case, it makes me think in ways I don't the rest of the day.
  6. Writing
    I have a blog ( but haven't published any posts since July. I have about 50 drafts in some state that I've been massaging.
  7. Listening to a podcast or two
    My favorites: The Mystery Show, Limetown, Fansplaining, Longform, On Being, Fireside Mystery Theatre, Welcome to Night Vale, Here Be Monsters, 99% Invisible, Invisibilia, Good Food, Strangers, We're Alive, First Draft, Another Round, RadioLab, Criminal, To the Best of Our Knowledge
  8. Sweeping the deck and doing dishes
    These are my zen activities. There is something very satisfying about the act of cleaning and the end result of order.
  9. Oilpulling
    A new addition to the daily rituals. I believe Western medicine is best for acute and life-threatening issues, and Eastern for general wellbeing. The Ayurveda ways are worth a try. And I've been swishing while I do my zen cleaning.
  10. Lighting a candle
    At some point during the day, I light a candle.
  11. Picking 5 things that need to be done and doing them.
    So simple. Keeps me focused on the most essential tasks. The rest can wait.