You know you think about this all the time, too.
  1. Daryl
    Dibs! (Also, duh.)
  2. Hermione Granger
    She knows magic.
  3. Richard Branson
    He has a house on a remote island where we can hide and airplanes that can fly us there.
  4. Bear Grylls
    He'll make us a car out of twine and a pocket knife. Plus we'll never starve.
  5. Matt Damon
    He's smart and learned all those Krav Maga moves for the Bourne movies. Plus he seems fun! Although I am kind of mad at him about Effie.
  6. A team of doctors from MGH.
    First of all, they are as bad ass as it gets in real life. Second, someone needs to patch up Daryl and Matt after their zombie battles.
  7. CT from The Real World
    He's a beast. (Hmm ... This list is getting a little Boston-centric. We'll leave Ben behind to fend for himself.)
  8. Optimus Prime
    He's a robot. An ALIEN robot. And he's a truck and can drive us around.
  9. Anderson Cooper
    I'll need a best friend.