best of my Spotify discover weekly

Sometimes Spotify gets it very wrong and sometimes they get it very right. Here are the "right's".
  1. Gives me some perspective
  2. I will forever love Moon Taxi
  3. I'm in a girls travel group on Facebook and a girl posted a picture of her in a red dress and told us a story about how she met the love of her life in Italy because of it. This song reminds me of it and forced me to remember how much of a hopeless romantic I really am.
  4. Coconut Oil for the soul
  5. So cheesy and so adorable
  6. The perfect song for driving down back roads with my windows down and the music up
  7. I hate Pitbull but I love this
  8. I can't ever seem to escape my love for country music
  9. Always down for Panic!