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  1. Apartment hunting.
  2. I have an etsy addiction and I'm saving up to buy this thing that I obviously need.
  3. Bill Haverchuck is my spirit animal.
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Jesse Pinkman, Brock Lesnar and Jesse Eisenberg...sounds about right.
In no particular order, each one these albums had a profound impact on me as a kid, and each one is associated with a memory.
  1. Secret World Live - Peter Gabriel
    I fell in love with the visual and auditory theatrics of this concert and I connected with every song. It also introduced me to "world" music.
  2. Live at Folsom Field - Dave Matthews Band
    The two-disc cd stopped working because I wore it out from playing it so much. The flow from one song to the next made for one long song to me. Growing up I had gone to several small concerts and this cd made me want to experience a "big" show. My first big concert was at the amphitheatre in Florida to see them play.
  3. The Police - Live!
    This is another one I could listen to forever. I can't tell you how many connections I've made with people simply because we both love this album. A distinct memory I have from highschool is going to a restaurant to sing karaoke after a play. I got up and sang -verbatim- the version of Message in a Bottle that is on the live album, complete with lyric runs and dance kicks. Also - listening to this is the reason I wanted to play bass.
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