How to love Republicans

  1. Remember that not everyone who disagrees with you is the same
  2. There are wonder people (and assholes) everywhere on the political spectrum
  3. The best way to calm any tensions is to establish mutual respect
  4. Which may necessitate that you keep politics out of your conversations
    Sometimes people are incapable of discussing politics without getting too upset or defensive which is usually a sign of either ignorance or insecurity
  5. BUT, it's important to have these conservations, especially with people that don't see things the way you do
  6. So, if the other person is able to keep a cool head, the best way to establish mutual respect is to elevate the conversation
  7. Prove to the other person that you're serious by calmly articulating your views
    Make sure not to inadvertently insult the other person by casually disparaging the ideas they espouse or the people they vote for
  8. Listen to what they have to say carefully and never respond with hostility
    Use your words and mannerisms to assure the other person that you respect their point of view
  9. Avoid language that is inflammatory or offensive like name-calling
    If you know it will upset them unnecessarily, don't say it
  10. Make sure you enter the conversation with a sense of humility, showing the other person that your judgement isn't clouded by arrogance
    A good way to do this is by using self-deprecating humor
  11. Accept the fact that you disagree. That doesn't mean you can't have a meaningful and productive conversation
  12. NEVER start a conversation with the intent of changing somebody's mind or "winning" the conversation
    This is a pretty common scenario. Understand that you can only engage when you accept disagreement, no matter how good your intentions are
  13. Appreciate the value of mere conversation and the exchange of ideas
  14. Once you've established mutual respect, you'll find that politics will rarely (if ever) erode your friendship
  15. But, obviously, these rules are a two-way street
    If the other person is unwilling to give you the same respect and courtesy, it might be best to avoid discussing politics
  16. I hope you can forge positive relationships using these tips
  17. Because no side has a monopoly on wonderful people
  18. And the only way to end destructive polarization is to build bridges instead of walls