1. I would start by flying.
  2. And by flying I mean I would just climb up as high as I could and fall off.
  3. The wind against my face would be exhilarating!
  4. Plus it would help me determine if I truly WAS immortal.
  5. After I fall off enough high places I would move on to the oceans.
  6. Do I get super-human powers or am I just like trapped forever in this crappy body with a broken colon and flat feet?
  7. If I'm truly immortal then I'm going to try every edible thing on the face of the earth.
  8. Because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
  9. Spicy and bland and exotic and foreign and domestic, I'm going to eat it all.
  10. After that, I would go and meet everyone.
  11. I would listen to them.
  12. I would talk with them.
  13. I would sit beside their fires and places of work and bedsides.
  14. I would visit the sick people with not many days to live.
  15. I would visit the inmates with life sentences.
  16. I would visit the maternity ward of the hospital.
  17. I would talk to people at every stage of life.
  18. And then after all of that.
  19. I would go jump off a few more mountains ☺️