I Ventured Into Soundcloud to See What I Could Find

Because I hate myself apparently
  1. These guys are chill, nothing special, but that album art.
  2. The intro for this one is dope!
  3. I got interrupted halfway thru this list and ended up listening to Surfboard by Cody Simpson on YouTube and, well, he belongs on Soundcloud to be honest. He's on YouTube because he looks good. And he got Gigi Hadid to be in his video somehow?
  4. Hello. It's me. The song that everybody and their mother covered.
  5. Nah. Maybe club house music isn't for me but this one is nah.
  6. I liked this one kinda. But that MacBook Photobooth selfie album art tho!
  7. This one is beautiful. I loved it. Seriously.
  8. This is a cover of a country song, apparently, but they uploaded the track at 7% volume so I couldn't hear it at all.
  9. This one was nice ☺️
  10. This one was just annoying.
  11. I don't think I'm doing this "discover new music" thing quite right.
  12. I'm going back to Google Music.