1. Self Control - Laura Branigan
    Oh-oh-oh! *brwaaaaah*
  2. Freeze-Frame - The J. Gells Band
    I just love the melody in the intro
  3. Say I Won't - Lecrae
  4. Ohio (Come Back To Texas) - Bowling For Soup
    She said she needed a break!
  5. Bruises - Chairlift
    That bass in the intro tho
  6. Right Place Right Time - Olly Murs
  7. The Wait is Over - Disciple
  8. Fallout - Marianas Trench
  9. Thrift Shop - Macklemore
    Seriously the "banababdba" at the beginning
  10. Sleep In The Snow - Yellowcard
  11. This list is too long lol basically I would have a different song for every at bat