Sports Teams I Root For

We're slow at work and this will be a fun list so let's get started.
  1. Kansas City Royals (currently the defending World Series Champions) - MLB
    I've been a Royals fan since day 1. There's a picture at my parents' house of me standing in front of the George Brett mural at the Kansas Coty airport. I loved the Boys in Blue even when they were terrible. Mike Sweeney will always be my first baseball idol and the Royals will always be my team. I can remember learning to score baseball games sitting in the Hy-Vee View Level seats. It's the Home Town Team! #ForeverRoyal
  2. Kansas City Chiefs - NFL
    They play wonderfully horrible football and their uniforms are the best in the league. Seriously. That red and white is awesome. Arrowhead is the loudest stadium in the world and they fill it whether the team is winning or losing. They have one Super Bowl trophy and a whole bunch of playoff losses.
  3. Sporting Kansas City - MLS
    This soccer team is an absolute blast to support. They play in a soccer-specific-stadium and have a fantastic ownership group. And our collection of hardware isn't too shabby either. The supporters club is called the Cauldron, a throwback to when the team was nicknamed "the Wizards." And those retro jerseys tho! If the ownership ever did a throwback jersey they would be able to retire as billionaires.
  4. Kansas University Jayhawks - NCAA basketball
    I fell in love with the Jayhawks in 2002. I was flying in a plane and missed their championship in 2008 but then I watched the whole game when I got home. And went to the championship parade the next day. Simien. Langford. Collison. Heinrich. Robinson. Chalmers. Kaun. Aldrich. I could go all day. Rush. Miles. Collins. Morris. These are my boys. I still remember the day I realized they were younger than me. That was a very sad day.
  5. Norwich City Football Club - Premier League
    I found out about the Canaries when SKC loaned Kei Kamara to them for a time. They float between the championship and the premiership so it's an enjoyable ride. I love their green and yellow shirts and their (current) manager Alex Neil is a diamond in the rough. I enjoy it when they're playing in the top league because I can watch the games on Saturday mornings!
  6. Bob Jones University Bruins - NCCAA Division 1
    My alma mater! I was privileged to be there the year that they started the intercollegiate athletic program. The men's basketball team just defeated an NCAA division 1 opponent! I'll be a Bruin 'til I die...
  7. Eagle Heights Eagles - private school basketball
    My original alma mater! I wore these uniforms and played in this gym. This will forever be my sports "home" and the memories from high school basketball live in my mind in a rose-colored museum. Go Eagles!
  8. [casual] Missouri Mavericks - ECHL New Islanders affiliate
    I follow these guys on Twitter since they're the local hockey team in KC. I plan on going to a game after New Years Day.