A list of encouragement.
  1. So my New Years Resolution for the month of January was to start writing every day.
  2. I want to be a "professional writer" (whatever that means) and I theorized that the only way to become one was to write and write and write and write.
  3. (Whether or not this is true remains to be seen)
  4. So I made a reminder on my iPhone that shows up every evening at 7 pm that says:
  5. "Start writing tho"
  6. I have found the only way to get me to do things is to shame myself into doing them.
  7. Because nothing brings me shame more than my past self being disappointed in what I am doing with my life in the future.
  8. I didn't delete the reminder.
  9. But I think I only spent about a total of 5 hours writing in the entire month of January.
  10. I do, however, choose the "remind me later" option, quite frequently.
  11. Like, 4x a week. Or more.
  12. So it still shows up on my lock screen every evening at 7 p.m.
  13. "Start writing tho"
  14. Like that girl you thought you were over and then her face appears in your Facebook newsfeed and you're right back where you started.
  15. Well on Sunday evening I sat down and wrote four blog post drafts.
  16. And last night I wrote the challenge that I'm sharing with the youth group tonight, and another blog post draft.
  17. Which means two out of the last three days, I have been able to press:
  18. "Mark as Completed"
  19. Whenever that reminder shows up.
  21. So to all of you who resolved to do something this year and haven't acted on it yet, I only have one thing to say to you:
  22. "Start writing tho"