The Starting Lineup for My Fantasy Soccer Team: Disney Princess Edition

Apparently there are exactly 11 "official Disney princesses." TIL.
  1. Striker: Aurora
    Don't sleep on this pretty lady! She'll hang back and let everybody else think she's taking a nap and then BAM! She'll score with reckless abandon.
  2. Striker: Snow White
    It's only fitting to put the other sleeper pick up front. Snow is the finest physical specimen on the field thanks to her 7 physical trainers. Who's the fairest of them all? You already know.
  3. Left Midfielder: Pocahontas
    The perfect fit for the wide open spaces on the left side of the field. She'll speak to the wind and find her way to score. Plus she's been known to sacrifice her body for the things that are important to her.
  4. Center Midfielder: Cinderella (captain)
    The obvious choice for captain. She leads the league in scoring and assists. Her footwork is like none other and she can run like the wind in the late stages of the game as the clock is winding down. It's gotta be the shoes, right??
  5. Center Midfielder: Belle
    Who better to fill the slot next to the former maid but the daughter of a working class family? Belle looks dainty but watch out, she is known to be a beast on the pitch.
  6. Right Midfielder: Jasmine
    Jasmine plays the ball as if it was rolling on carpet instead of turf. It's a whole new world with her at right mid and she's gonna show the doubters what she can do.
  7. Left Defensive Back: Tiana
    Willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means kissing the opposing player that resembles a frog. Tiana is smart and nothing gets past her.
  8. Center Defensive Back: Ariel
    Ariel is the fastest player in the pool, and this skill translates well on the defensive end. She has trouble communicating with her teammates at times but she's forgiven when she sinks the opponents offensive attacks.
  9. Center Defensive Back: Mulan
    She might look demure, but don't let her boyish figure fool you. She gets down to business and doesn't let anything or anyone get around her.
  10. Right Defensive Back: Merida
    Merida simply whips her hair back and forth and blinds the other team so they can't see where to shoot. Her passes are straight and true and when it comes to getting past her, it's a real bear of a task.
  11. Goalie: Rapunzel
    This is a no-brainier. With that magic hair and nimble hands she's sure to keep the game scoreless. She held her own in games against the robbers and the evil step mothers. Her teammates nicknamed her "Lil' Fry" for unknown reason. But we all know she packs a big punch.