There are some that call this sport football. I am an equal opportunity terminology user.
  1. Striker: #7 Andrew Jackson
    Andrew is a spitfire on offense. He doesn't back down, no matter how high the odds are stacked against him. His most notable achievement is leading the USA in a route of the English in the heat of the Louisiana swamps.
  2. Striker: #26 Theodore Roosevelt
    Who better to complement "Old Hickory" up front than the fearless "Rough Rider"? The other half of our offensive duo, Teddy brings skill and daring to the attacking front. Let's just hope he doesn't hug too many defenders along the way.
  3. Left Midfielder: #44 Barack Obama
    Putting the lefty where he belongs, to assist and delegate and control from an important position on the pitch. He can rely on the defense if need be but create a stir of his own whenever he gets the chance. Plus who doesn't want a tall guy in the box winning headers over the defense?
  4. Center Midfielder: #1 George Washington (captain)
    Who else to lead the team from the most important position on the pitch? George has it all: cunning, wisdom, leadership and patience. He'll keep possession of the ball in the defensive half all winter if he has to, just waiting for the perfect time to strike.
  5. Center Midfielder: #3 Thomas Jefferson
    The chemistry of your football team is very important and we have nothing to worry about with Tom and George in the middle. That is, if we can tear Jefferson away from drawing up strategies long enough to put his boot on the ball.
  6. Right Midfielder: #35 John F. Kennedy
    JFK is perfect for right mid. He's got the winning smile and the vision to see the openings in the field of play. Lets hope his career doesn't end prematurely...
  7. Left Defensive Back: #33 Harry Truman
    This is my homer pick, I had to include my Missouri boi! Plus he's left handed, and rumor has it there's a sign in Harry's locker that says "The Ball Stops Here." Who better to play defense than Trustworthy Truman!?
  8. Center Defensive Back: #16 Abraham Lincoln
    Who better to keep the back line together? He's tall enough to defend corner kicks and long enough to stop the striker attacks. He keeps the offense honest, that's for sure!
  9. Center Defensive Back: #34 Dwight D. Eisenhower
    A perfect fit for center back, having played defense for an American football team in college. Dwight can hold his own with the best of them. It's rumored he gave Jim Thorpe a concussion one time. All I know is, with Dwight on the back line, nobody will even think about scoring.
  10. Right Defensive Back: #30 Calvin Coolidge
    The man of few words is perfect for right back. He'll take orders from the center backs and give elbows to the opposition. The Silent Assassin has foiled more than one offensive endeavor in his day.
  11. Goalie: #40 Ronald Reagan
    Let's face it: Ronald is the ultimate keeper. He kept the game scoreless during tense moments against the Soviets and played a crucial role in the victory against the Germans. If Ronald can't stop 'em, no one can!