(I can't stop sneezing right now so I'm hiding in a back room so as not to disturb the church service so why not List about the things I miss?)
  1. Using Crayola products during 75% of my waking hours.
    CEOs just don't appreciated pie graphs filled in with jungle green and denim. Also Crayola crayons are the only reason I know what fuchsia looks like.
  2. Beanie Babies
    I played with these so much. Every single animal had a unique personality and a significant other/love interest. And some were related to each other, like cousins. And they played sports and had elections and went hiking and got lost and saved each other from loneliness or death.
  3. Legos in Happy Meals.
    I have at least one full Lego set from a happy meal and it's a real set, like instructions and pieces and such. Nowadays the toys are cheap and worthless.
  4. Fuji - Japanese restaurant in Spartanburg SC
    Seriously at one point this summer we're going to fly to SC and back one weekend just to go to Fuji. Their best meal is teriyaki chicken with mushrooms and carrots and shrimp sauce with a side of zucchini and onions. I miss going there on a Thursday and spending $7 and walking out stuffed to the brim.
  5. Innocence
    I remember being able to say or hear phrases without thinking they were dirty. Or seeing numbers without associating them with something sexual. Or listening to the radio and not fully understanding the bigger picture when a young woman was "kidnapped" or "missing."
  6. My best friend Tim
    I had a friend growing up and he was a great guy (still is). He is mechanically-minded and I am socially-minded and we learned so much from each other. I helped him expand his thinking and he helped me get dirt under my fingernails. We would wade through creeks and hide in trees and throw pine cones at each other and watch Andy Griffith reruns. I still contact him occasionally but in reality we'll never be the same as we once were and I miss that.
  7. 36 N Poe
    I grew up in a tiny house in Claycomo MO and I miss it. I had my own room in the basement with a closet that was under the stairwell and a window that looked out at ground level into the yard. I could tell you who was coming down the wooden stairs just by listening. I could throw a rock across the street to the park or ride my bike around the tennis court. It was simple home on a simple street and I miss it dearly.