Things That Make October Great

  1. Colorful leaves
    Look at how red it is!
  2. Playoff baseball
    Baseball is great all year long but there's just something different about the way the players play when it's the tenth month of the year.
  3. Cold mornings and warm evenings
  4. Bonfires
  5. Apple-flavored-food-items
  6. Colorful leaves part 2
    Imagine a world without color and while some of you finish saying "1950s television" the rest of you will agree with me that it would be kinda boring to live without color
  7. Soup
    Chicken noodle, chicken and rice, minestrone, beef stew, cream of broccoli, corn chowder, clam chowder, loaded creamy potato, tomato, etc...
  8. The way the air smells in the morning
  9. Hoodys
    Hoodys or hoodies? Or hoody's?
  10. My wife was born this month!
    (I had to include this one because I'm married)