My name is David and I'm a photographer. I discovered this application from @bobbyhundreds when he annouced the launch of it a few weeks ago. Its very fantastic and its reminds me of reading his blogs that he would post on The Hundreds' website everyday (literally everyday). I figured I give it a chance. Here are some few things about myself.
  1. I'm 100% Nigerian
  2. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley (and still currently reside there)
  3. I was into filmmaking and video production when I was in High School. About a year after I graduated, I switched to photography and started to focus on that.
  4. My favorite places to eat at are In-N-Out and authentic Mexican restaurants (El Presidente, El Cholo as examples)
  5. I've done various different types of jobs for the past 11 years: from starting as a cashier in 4 different McDonalds restaurants to being a swing manager in a few of them, to working as a Mac Specialist in the Apple Store, to being a stock keeper at Bath and Body Work, as well as working at a warehouse in Sylmar unloading boxes from 18 wheel trucks
  6. Aside from photography, I like to read, write, and help others out in solving their problems and breaking challenges.
  7. I have a slight interest in sneakers, automobiles, and collecting Vinyls from the 1980s
  8. Speaking of which, I like to discover and listen to 80s music that is unknown and not being played that much. To be specific, my favorite genres are Latin Freestyle, fusion jazz (especially the ones from Japan) and alternative rock with some new wave.
  9. Also, I can be seen wearing several apparel from Visual, Primitive and The Hundreds. I'm not wearing them as a trendy purpose but it because I've met the owners of each of those brands and I'm interested in learning the back stories of each T-shirt they release.
  10. Oh, and I currently work for Digiphoto in Six Flags Magic Mountain, where we photograph the guests.