currently jamming to 👇
  1. The Riddle of the Model from Sing Street
    The OG songs in this are actually good!! It makes an already great movie that much better!! Also Up, Drive It Like You Stole It, gr8 job writers 👏👏👏
  2. St. Vincent's cover of Emotional Rescue
    Forgot this was at the end of A Bigger Splash and saw it the other night!! The gasp-y way she sings. kill me
  3. Somebody Else by The 1975
    Kill me again
  4. Two Kinds by Cullen Omori
    Just niiiiice. Gettin some Foxygen vibes from this one?
  5. Easier Said by Sunflower Bean
    Can't stop singing the chorus. Hypnotic and makes me all choked up even tho I don't know what she's singing about. Some songs are a feeling.
  6. New Feeling by Talking Heads
    Speakin of feelings. I listened to this while sitting alone on a bench at school and laughed like a maniac. Everyone's up in my roo oo ooooom