Maybe my family is weird. Maybe we've spent too much time in cars. Probably both.
  1. The time a bee was in my mom's car
    Location: downtown LA. The bee was on my sleeve. I hung half my body out the window, frantically shaking my arms in the wind, screaming continuously. My mom thought I got shot
  2. The time a man called my mom a bitch
    Location: downtown LA. I was having one of those long, waterlogged arguments with my mom and she was trying to get in this dude's lane. I turned my head around and tearfully screamed "DON'T CALL MY MOM A BITCH" despite only moments before thinking something along those lines? Anyway dude was scary af and my mom rolled up the window and told me that she appreciated it but didn't want me to get shot
  3. The time I almost beheaded my sister
    Location: long street by our house. We were having this great movie montage moment listening to Holy Ground by Taylor Swift (underrated if u ask me) and all the windows were down. I rolled the passenger window up. My sister screamed bloody murder. Turns out I rolled it up on her neck. I thought she had been shot
  4. The time my sister and I entered an alternate dimension
    Location: long street by our house. We were driving home from Disneyland. It was insanely foggy. There were no lights. No cars. We were listening to Neon Bible by Arcade Fire, super creepy album, and as we got deeper into the fog something folded in on itself and everything felt distorted and suddenly we were screaming and I barreled blindly down the rest of the street. We still shiver over it. We probably sounded like we'd been shot
  5. Wish I had one about my dad
    He's a weirdo too tho. It's only a matter of time