In a perfect world I'd just say "all the songs" but time is short. So here are the six I would choose for someone who's a St. Vincent newbie.
  1. Cruel
    This was the first song I heard by her and it BLEW MY MIND. By the final chorus when all those parts are looping through and around each other - I have no words. Make sure you watch the video too.
  2. Birth in Reverse
    I got one of my professors to play this video in class today, if it is relevant to class discussion it is relevant to ur life too this is scientific fact
  3. Your Lips Are Red
    Supplementary material required for this one. Get ready 2 die:
  4. Surgeon
    Oh. Man. This one starts off a simmer and ends up boiling over, filling up the apartment, knocking over the lamps, til you are swimming in it. What she does with the guitar at the end is insane.
  5. Marrow
    This song foreshadows where she goes on her most recent album, I think. It's the only time I welcome the feeling of panic and isolation!
  6. Huey Newton
    The lyrics on this one. "Feelings / flash cards / fake knife / real ketchup." It's playful and menacing, genuinely surprising, and kills me every. single. time.
  7. But I'm still not entirely sure...
    ...because there's also songs like Chloe in the Afternoon, Regret, Cheerleader, Severed Crossed Fingers, and Now, Now that were and are revelatory for me. I wanted to include songs from each album, so some of my favorites didn't make it in. SUPERFANS HELP ME OUT, which would you recommend??