1. animal documentary fanatic
    Come ask me some useless facts
  2. City of Angels born and raised
  3. I have a sweet tooth like no other
    Another list to come...
  4. The Shins lover
  5. Head in the clouds
    But feet on the ground
  6. Watercoloring = favorite way to be mindless
  7. Crafty
  8. If there is cider, I will be there
  9. I have a thing for clothes that look lamb-y
  10. I loooove marshmallows
  11. I always get Marshall on HIMYM quizzes
  12. My friends call me teenie, teeny tot, tot, totter, tiznut, tee or any other variation
  13. Avid French 75 drinker
  14. I spend 80% of my time in PJs
  15. I have a small half chihuahua half devil
  16. I make the worst jokes and puns