Inspired by @Fitz @michael_circa91 @ilana @mattan. Kinda embarrassed how nice and cute and sweet and earnest these are? However...⬇️
  1. I can do whatever the fuck I want.
  2. Eggs 😍
  3. This is my lock screen.
  4. Fall food
  5. Favorite place. Heart exploding.
  6. 2nd favorite place.
  7. This picture of my aunt and her cousins is everythingggg to me.
  8. Me exploring on the other side of the world ✌🏼️🌏
  9. My grandma was a Spanish teacher, so cards were always bilingual. This is in a book of Emily Dickinson poems.
  10. ❤️
  11. Eggs part 2 😻
  12. Hi.
  13. Graphic novel version of the little prince.
  14. Niagara falls AKA Jim and Pam.
  15. I made this 💁🏼
  16. Camp nurse.
  17. My sister drew me this of my apartment and changed the bodega to a bookstore and I adore it and it hangs in my kitchen.
  18. Haiti.
  19. I made this blanket and now this grumpy cat loves me.
  20. Yes.
  21. My parents 30th anniversary party. My favorite weekend of the year.
  22. A pretty good view reading in Central Park.
  23. Drunk nurses doing headstands outside the aquarium.
  24. From a 1st grader in my sisters class and also the most perfect description of a crush that's ever existed. (I love the girl she is so nice it makes me embarrassed.)
  25. The trick to staying so sweet and earnest is drinking!!