These can turn the worst day around.
  1. Flying into New York at night
    Last night my law literally dropped and I pressed my face to the plane window like a toddler as I flew over the Brooklyn bridge, the Chrysler building, the Empire State Building, the park. I tried to find my apartment. I wanted to Instagram it but Anna Kendrick did it way better last night.
  2. Looking at the sky
    It's always different and always amazing. My unit sits at the top of Manhattan and I work night shift, so I have been known to force co-workers, families, and patients to look at the sunrise.
  3. Being twinsies
    One time, my roommate convinced me to wear her backup rent the runway dress to her birthday. GREAT IDEA. So fun. I've since tried to talk her into matching rompers, matching tulle skirts, etc. She's getting matchy pjs for Christmas this year. Why don't people want to match more?? Please explain.
  4. Little kids who are adept at public transportation.
    3 year olds hailing a cab, or with a strong preference for the A over the C train just kill me.
  5. Little kids reading on public transportation. Especially if there is a whimsical outfit element.
    Reading to themselves, or an adult reading to them. Bonus points for those sequined converse high tops, girl reading A Series of Unfortunate Events and leaning on her mom. You made me feel like we're all going to be okay.
  6. Old couples
  7. Maira Kalman.
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  8. Eating by myself at the airport.
    I do not know why I love this so much, but I do. One drink, a nice meal, a book. Can't go wrong.
  9. Cooking for people I love.
    Especially when it's casual. Thanksgiving is great, but so is, "We've been sitting on this couch for 8 hours chatting and I thinkkk I have all the ingredients for latkes. Want?" Feels very loving and cozy.
  10. Teaching people about things I love and seeing them get really excited as they start to understand.
    Nursing, knitting.
  11. Hearts, and specifically the transition from fetal to post-natal circulation.
    "Studying heart pathology, one is reminded that the genetic symphony that produces a normal baby is indeed a wondrous and delicate one." -King of Hearts.
  12. Finding a new song, quote, poem, book, or friend who just resonates with your sense of yourself and the world completely.
    Hum, click, ahh. Yes.