I love the French language. So much so that there's probably a 73% chance I can be found muttering in French by myself or ya know in public. Some call it crazy, I call it Francophilia. Here are just a few of my favorite gems de la langue. Photos courtesy of google image searches.
  1. Cadeau
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    I can remember when I was first learning French in high school I thought this word was fascinating. I think it had something to do with the "eau" sound and how French baffled me with so many vowels yet so few syllables in a word. The allure of this one has since worn off, but I had to include it. I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
  2. Grenouille
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    Not only is this word phonetically adorable but it's also the word for "frog". There's a special place in my heart for frogs ever since I had to let my pet frog Louie loose into the wild after growing him from a tadpole. Who knows if Louie survived even that first night outside of his tank, but regardless, he was great. Louie Le Grenouille.
  3. Écureuil
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    This is another where the vowels compete with the consonants. I actually have a particular sense of accomplishment associated with this one given the amount of times my French host family forced me to practice it. We'd laugh as I struggled, yet their attempts at its English equivalent "squirrel" we're also pretty entertaining.
  4. Groupe
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    The French "R" with the "ou" sound right after is just not a natural sound for me as a native English speaker. I know this list is meant to be my favorite words but I figured I should include this one too in honor of my love/hate relationship with it. Some days I can nail it, others not so much. It's a cognate but if that doesn't explain it, drop the "e" and you have its English word. Also WTF google image search came up with this image in the "groupe" results. I'm not opposed.
  5. Cours, cœur, et corps
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    Cours has a few definitions but in this context I mean it as avenue. This one gave me some grief as the differences between the three above words, while audible, are slight to a non native speaker. I lived in Aix where Cours Mirabeau was often where we'd go out and I'd have to be extra careful to articulate I was going to Cours Mirabeau and not Heart Mirabeau or Body Mirabeau. #studyabroadstruggles
  6. Ananas
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    I first learned this word while doing a skit in front of my 10th grade French class. At the time I had never heard it before so when my partner asked me if I'd like some ananas all I can remember me doing is laughing given how silly it sounded. It's French for pineapple and to this day I still love asking people if they'd like some ananas. T'en veux?
  7. Cebolla
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    Ok, so this is not a French word. It's Spanish for onion, BUT this is my list, and there are no rules. Anarchy muahaha. But actually, there is a reason I included it. When I was first learning Spanish, I absolutely loved this word. Not only was it easy to pronounce and fun to say, but also when said in a certain tone, it sounded like a swear word to my seventh grade self. Any circumstance be it retaliating to my parents demands, answering the phone, or saying good bye, "cebolla" was the answer.